Many of our key staff people started out as interns or attenders in our network. 

Many key leaders in churches in Minnesota spent critical years growing and developing at one of our locations.

Leadership Development has been embedded in the DNA of every one of our locations from their beginning. 

The existence of our network of churches is a belief that when we remain together we can grow together in ways that we could not apart from one another. Then, when we grow we'll be fruitful and we will multiply followers of Jesus, leaders in the church, and churches in communities.

Sometimes the development that a leader needs or that a community needs is not something that we can take the lead on but it is something we can empower through partnership. Our favorite example of this right now is our partnership with The Man Up Club in Minneapolis, MN. 

In the coming years our goal is to go from occasional and need based leadership development to an intentional approach that meets the needs of our growing churches but also helps us create an overflow of leadership that will see churches start and outside ministries resourced with humble, sacrificial, and enthusiastic people. 

We think about developing the leadership potential of people as young as when they are in elementary school. 

We empower kids, students, and adults in safe and realistic but stretching and challenging ways where success

is only possible when it is defined by and empowered by God. 

What to develop with us?