When we think about church starting we think about funding and coaching teams of people that, #1, succeed in starting something and, #2, endure in making a kingdom impact. 

One great way to identify teams, coach, and fund church starts is through the kind of interconnected and distinct locations that we are learning to do.  But, this is also possible and more common with autonomous church plants led by an individual who recruits a team.

As the impact of our network grows we hope to start more locations and aid in the recruiting of church planting teams, funding of those teams, and coaching of those teams.

Our favorite multi-site church starting strategy is our own Winking Face.

Our favorite regional church planting movements are Mission Minnesota and Vision Texas

Our favorite national church planting movement is Converge

Want to help us start a site? Connect.

Want to start a church in MN? Mission Minnesota.

Want to start a church in TX? Vision TX.

Not sure where? Converge.