We partner with ministries outside the United States who share our commitment to Leadership Development and Church Starting. Additionally, while we support American missionaries serving outside the United States we seek to partner with organizations where ministry is being executed by local people.

A big part of our partnerships is financial. We also benefit tremendously from learning with and from all of our partners. Sometimes we have the chance to visit and invest alongside our friends around the world. 

Lots of times we visit on what we call "Vision Trips." We get the opportunity to see what God is doing, pray for, and encourage our brothers and sisters and imagine what it looks like for us to be newly or more significantly involved as individuals and communities. 

One of our goals for our shared commitment to leadership development and these international partners is to see one person from our community serving as a missionary in each of these contexts for 3-5 or even 10 years. Another goal is for us to send and receive people every year on short term assignments that will benefit them, the community they are going to, and the one they will return to when they come home.

Each one of our international partners is supported by a team made up of people from all of our different locations. They pray for and champion the efforts of these ministries in our network and our individual churches. 

In Haiti we partner with Haiti Teen Challenge.

In Sweden we partner with New Life Church Network

In Togo and Benin we partner with 6 Degree Initiative

In Thailand we partner with Santisuk English Schools and Peace Fellowship Church.

Globally we partner with The Timothy Initiative.

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